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the Local Las Vegas Soundtrack includes music from:

The Watson Family

ILL Figures

Home Cookin'

Mark Huff 

see cast pix here


Jamey...Brandon Dooley

Jack McGinnis...Joe LaDue

Raine...Lara Mazour

Agent Tom Mullin...Joe Kucan

Agent Harvey Thames...Randy Sutton

Detective Candace Fisher...Finley Bolton

Detective Brad Bass...Robin Clifford

E.J. Smoot...Jeff Hill

Jamey's Mom...Sandra Harden

Mr. Ahriman...Don McAllister

Jamey's Friends...Joel Speers

                         Marcus Holly

                         William Johnson

Students...Nevada Nichols

               Mark Matthews

               Summer Page

               Charlotte Anderson

               Dennis Fields

               Amanda Faulkner

               Jeff Robertson

               Shannon Furman

               Adam Mullin

Ride #1...Everett Snyder

Ride #2...Patti LaDue

Ride #3...Ken Cummings

Priscilla...Erika Ambrose

Sweet 'N Lo...Tim Dunn

Trooper Ron...Mark Sharp

Newscaster...Eric Randall

News Reporter...Candace Morrison  

On sale 24/7 in Las Vegas at:

It's A Grind Coffee House

8470 W. Desert Inn Rd. # H1
Las Vegas, NV 89117

(northeast corner of D.I. & Durango)

It's A Grind Coffee House

8899 S. Eastern Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89123

(northwest corner of Eastern & Pebble)




produced and directed by Marko Sakren

                    written by Marko Sakren

                                  Anthony MulHolland

                                  Brandon Dooley

          script consultants  Michael M. Meade

                                   Joseph Wheeler

      executive producers  Marko Sakren

____        ____________Joe LaDue

   director of photography Daniel Marsak

       production design by Karen R. Kasmo

           costume design by Mara Sorkin

    original music score by Robert Hyatt

           casting consultants The Talent Group

                                     Lear Casting

                                     Natural Talent

                   make-up  Katherine DiStefano

                                 Mara Sorkin

                   edited by  Borka Zagrenski

        associate editors  Diahanna Stover

__         ____________Rio Rosal

_____  _       ________Scott Mellin

_____  _       ________Mark Ott

  ____  _       ________Andres L. Porras

_____  _       ________Jerry Lopez

_____  _       ________Dave Phillips

_____  _       ________John Stocker

  post production facilities  Encore Productions

                                    Post Digital

                                    Century Productions

                                    Studio Center

                                    Spectra Video

        associate producers  Lara Mazour

                                     Michael Lundin

     production assistants  Nevada Nichols

                                   Tru Ives

                                   Katie LaDue

                                   Dan Jesperson

                                   Jesse Johnson

Copyright © 1995-2008 Marko Sakren Management & Design. All rights reserved. Released through Red Rock Media Group, Inc.