Red White & Blue Freedom Manifesto

written by Jonathan Day McGinnis

from a jail cell on September 7, 1977


"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day."

- Thomas Jefferson

A free country's fight for Freedom never really ends.  Like the intelligent activities of our minds and the good deeds that generate from our hearts, the torch of Freedom remains lit when we work at keeping it lit and hold it to the highest ideal.  In other words, a life of Freedom can only be extinguished when we fail to exercise and defend it.  From the days of the Declaration of Independence to the days of my generation, Freedom has remained one of the noblest goals of humankind and has been kept alive in the heart and soul of everyone who has the courage to defend it.  In spirit, thought and deed, I am a brother of Thomas Jefferson, a founding father of the United States of America. Along with other citizens of this great nation, I willingly carry the torch of Freedom for my generation in order to pass it successfully to generations to come.  However, Freedom requires looking beyond what our government may want us to believe.

What I witnessed in Vietnam between 1967 and 1968 made me ashamed of being an American.  When I was twenty years old, I voluntarily enlisted in the armed forces of the United States of America and willingly went to war as my patriotic duty in support of my country and my president.  My father was in WWII and instilled those ideals in me.  Then, after nearly a year in the jungle of Vietnam, after seeing the enemy face to face, after confusion as to who was the enemy, after following circuitous orders that gradually became a joke, after losing confidence in my government's decisions and integrity, after losing hope that this was a just war, and hearing stories about the corruption that took place behind the backs of those in charge, I ended up witnessing first hand a man in command who engaged in acts of corruption and greed and black market deals and aiding the enemy that not only lined his own pockets but jeopardized the safety and well-being of soldiers in the field. His name was Gordon K.M. Fash and he was nothing more than a liar and a thief who managed to siphon off the spoils of war, make underground deals and rip off the American people at the cost of good lives who suffered as a consequence of his selfish activities.  I am his whistle-blower and he will have to hunt me down and kill me before I will keep quiet about the truth that I witnessed one cool night in that cruel and insane war called Vietnam.

That truth was the final blow to my American pride and I did not want any part of it.  From that reality I grew despondent and my patriotism was destroyed. Then I was wounded in battle. Nearly lost my leg when a 121 millimeter rocket landed right behind me, exploded and sent me flying 40 feet through the air from the concussion, but those physical wounds were minor in comparison to the injuries to my spirit.  I came home demoralized, disgraced, ashamed, defeated, depressed and most of all, haunted for years to come with the horrid memories not only of death and destruction which I was mentally prepared to witness, but the memories of my government's true motives for the war which were wholly political and economic. For a president to lead his country into war is a near perfect scenario, especially if the secret motivation is political or economic.  The war becomes the cause by which everything in support of the "cause" engenders patriotism while leaving opponents of the war to think twice about questioning it at the risk of appearing unpatriotic or unsupportive of the troops, or, should the war be successful, end up on the losing side of the argument. The war also becomes a scapegoat for any economic ills the country may be going through, and the war becomes a vehicle for the president's supporters to profit monetarily and politically should they become entitled to military and/or reconstruction contracts.

May this type of war never take place again, and may the government of my beloved country never pull the wool over the eyes of its citizens ever again.  I hereby make a solemn vow to fight the great fight to defend my fellow citizens against the greed and malpractice of our government.  From this moment on, I am a watchdog and shepherd of my government by whatever means it takes to keep my government's activities exposed and my brothers and sisters of this nation and the world forever aware of the truth.

Corporate America is working our government like a puppet and it is up to us, the citizens of this great land, to put an end to how our hard earned money is wasted on such corruption.  That is the power we have from our Constitution:  Power to the People.  Oh yeah!  Don't ever forget it!  Don't ever forget the power to assemble peacefully in protest.  Don't ever forget the power to speak our minds.  Don't ever forget the power to practice what we preach. Don't ever forget the power to vote our conscience.  Don't ever forget the power of Freedom that this splendid social experiment called the United States of America endows to its citizens. Don't ever forget!  Don't ever forget.

From this moment on, by way of these words recorded in this manifesto, I vow from my heart and soul to live according to the following ideals;

1) Transparency. I will always maintain transparency in everything I do, in every group that I assemble, in every action that I take.  No secrets.  No lies.  No deception.  Just an open book for all to read.

2) Defense of the Defenseless. I will always come to the defense of those who are either born defenseless or are rendered defenseless, whether physically, mentally, economically or spiritually.

3) Courage to Challenge Authority.  I will always find the courage to challenge authority when I believe that authority is wrong, no matter the criticism to which I may be subjected, no matter if I am labeled unpatriotic to disagree with a war or action of my government, no matter if my government or agent of my government tries to discredit me, or no matter if the supporters of corruption try to do me harm. My fight is for the truth and justice which I believe to be the American way.  If a Law is the source of or allowance for such corruption, then I will seek with all my courage to challenge that Law and change it.

4) Faith to Believe in Oneself.  God gave me life, through my parents, to live on this planet for as many years as He has planned for me, and when my belief in truth and justice are as profound as I can ever imagine such beliefs to be, when I feel it in my gut that something means more to me than life itself, then I shall act on that deep sense of truth and belief for the sake of justice and the betterment of Mankind. That will be my cause, my purpose, my mission.  To act on the intuition and insights that my Creator has endowed me with, that is my calling. Whatever I might feel, whatever I might think, whatever I might sense is right or wrong, I will have the faith to believe that my Creator is calling me to action for the betterment of life, to give strength to the meek, and to protect those who do not have the fortitude to demonstrate that faith on their own.  But never to harm or kill as an objective.  Never to go against the base desire to make Peace and live a life of Honor and Integrity, because to betray one's own integrity, one is betraying the will and goodness of God. That is not my way.  Not my path.  Rather, I choose to believe in the Power and Creativity of my Maker who in turn, in making me, has filled my soul with Truth and Beauty and an extension of His creative powers.  This profound Honesty is my calling from this day forward until my last breath on this Earth.

As Jefferson wrote, "The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all."

Following my eye-opening tour in Vietnam during the 1960s and my current confrontation with those in power just hours ago,  I can now see clearly the direction of those power brokers behind the American political scene who strive to take control of our government, and in my view, hijack it for their own benefit. I predict that by or at the beginning of the next century, a tyrannical power play will take place within our government in the name of Freedom but whose true purpose will be personal gain and the pillaging of America. Circumstances will be set in motion by secret agents of the elite brokers in power to cause a great tragedy that will assist them in winning our hearts and minds.  This tragic act, which will be overtly perpetrated by external forces (but orchestrated covertly over time through ripples in the waters of foreign ideologies by an internal elitist agenda), will be portrayed by these power brokers as an Evil to justify new Laws.  Working secretly beyond public view, these power brokers will gain momentum over the years with one purpose: to devour our individual Freedom one precious morsel at a time by instituting new laws that will creep into our lives cloaked in the name of Patriotism and Compassion and Security.

The words emanating from these players will be uttered with the sole intention of pacifying the Public and lulling us into their Plan. Step by step, those at work on this agenda will attempt to legislate morality, invade our privacy and line the pockets of those who are in power with them.  They will engage the politics of double-talk, deception and lip service in order to gain our trust.  They will make things sound simple to us because they will relate to us on our basest level of consciousness.  But watch out! The power of the people will not be lulled into suppression.  The power of the people will not be pacified with pabulum. The power of the people will prove more powerful than those in power because the people's Freedom to cast votes will never be suppressed, especially when those who can vote do so in great numbers despite efforts by a government or agents of a government to control the voting process and swindle the public through subversive acts of voting fraud.  That is the challenge: to exercise our Freedom to vote; to exercise our Freedom to express the truth; to exercise our Freedom to challenge authority when we believe an injustice has taken place.  So it is now with me.

"Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry." - Thomas Jefferson


Jonathan "Jack" Day McGinnis is a subject of investigation in Clover's Movie.