February 2, 2002 

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On Saturday, March 2 
A New Kind of Movie Premieres in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Finally, the Las Vegas independent film scene is releasing its much anticipated and latest creation, Clover's Movie, premiering 10:30 P.M. March 2 at Regal Cinemas Village Square, 9101 W. Sahara Ave. (at Fort Apache). It's a video movie for our time. "The very power I have to make this film represents the brilliance of this Country," says Marko Sakren (Producer/Director); "My ability to freely express myself is at the core of the American Spirit." It's also at the core of the film, which is essentially a celebration of the choices this Country offers. A work-in-progress screening of the movie caused a sensation at the 2000 CineVegas International Film Festival. Now it's completed with all the Director's finishing touches and will be unveiled to the public March 2nd both on DVD and at the Regal Cinemas Premiere.

The movie tells a powerful and unusual story about a young man with a camcorder who hitchhikes across America in search of his long-lost father (who, by the way, is wanted by the FBI for murder). His journey turns into an Odyssey on a ranch in southern Nevada as he discovers the price of freedom in America. Although shot on a shoestring budget, the movie succeeds in engaging the audience by its sheer unpredictability. "It's a movie that will keep you riveted to the edge of your seat," Sakren explains, "at times make you laugh, perhaps make you cry, and without a doubt make you think." It will certainly be a new kind of movie that will get the attention of Las Vegas, and possibly the entire Country.

Starting with only a camcorder and a home computer, Sakren utilized the best Las Vegas has to offer, from talent to technical support, including mastering his project at Las Vegas' top post production facilities (Encore Productions, Post Digital, Century Productions, Studio Center). The DVD features the complete Director's Cut (with 30 minutes of hidden scenes and a choice of four endings that can only be unlocked with a secret keycode), a Player's Cut (an interactive game based on the movie where the keycode is revealed), a separate audio track of Director's Commentary (again, accessed with a keycode), and other unique surprises. The movie is packed with extreme narration, adventure, drama, beauty, artistry, good music, as well as some private and poignant moments. Principle cast includes Joe LaDue (Young and the Restless, Casino, Ocean's Eleven), Lara Mazour, Jeff Hill, Finlay Bolton, Joe Kucan, Robin Clifford, Randy Sutton and Brandon Dooley. The soundtrack boasts music from local musicians Robert Hyatt, Ronny Epps, Mark Huff, The Watson Family, Home Cookin' and ILL Figures. Marko Sakren is an accomplished and award-winning producer who has lived in Las Vegas since 1993. Clover's Movie is his very first feature film.

Tickets ($8.50 each) go on sale Feb 2 as well as special advance sales of DVDs ($25 each) where the first 100 DVDs sold will come with a FREE ticket to the Premiere. Sakren will be available to answer questions at various DVD signings around the Valley throughout the month of March.

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