December 4, 2000 

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Local Feature Receives Enthusiastic Applause At CineVegas

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - A work-in-progress of Clover's Movie was screened on Saturday, December 2 at the United Artists Showcase Theaters as part of the CineVegas International Film Festival to a very enthusiastic audience whistling and applauding. Movie-goers commented, "Very clever!", "This was fantastic!" The Las Vegas homegrown video movie was the only local feature-length entry accepted to the festival. Cast and shot completely in southern Nevada, clover's movie is also a product of modern technology: it was created in most part with a camcorder and a home computer.

The movie is about an open-and-shut murder case that unravels after law enforcement authorities receive a mysterious video tape from someone named "clover." As the authorities watch the video and study it, so does the audience. Shot through the eye of a camcorder, clover's movie captures the journey of an 18-year-old wanna-be filmmaker in search of the father he never really knew. His search leads him through a series of hitched rides, eventually to his father and sides of life neither he nor the authorities bargained for - an upstart militia group, a government conspiracy, and the actual murderer.  GO TO SYNOPSIS 

Produced and directed by Marko Sakren, the movie is clearly an example of what can be created with local resources. Although shot on a shoestring budget (under $2,000), the movie succeeds in engaging the audience in the slices of life that it depicts and grips the audience by its sheer unpredictability. Sakren is an accomplished and award-winning producer/director who grew up in Connecticut. He has lived in Las Vegas since 1993. Shot on Hi8mm and BetaSP video formats, clover's movie is his very first motion picture and officially launches his career as a filmmaker.

Like others in town, Sakren wants to help grow the Las Vegas motion picture industry. He believes that in addition to expanding the city's production facilities, Las Vegas must also create engaging product and Clover's Movie, a Red Rock Media Group release, is his first contribution to this effort.

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released through Red Rock Media Group