November 28, 2000 

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Las Vegas' ONLY Local Feature-Length Entry In CineVegas

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA  This year’s CineVegas International Film Festival will be featuring a variety of movies from around the world but only one feature-length entry that was homegrown right here in Las Vegas. Cast and shot completely in southern Nevada, clover’s movie is also a product of modern technology: it was created in most part with a camcorder and a home computer. 

The movie is about an open-and-shut murder case that unravels after law enforcement authorities receive a mysterious video tape from someone named “clover.”  As the authorities watch the video and study it, so does the audience.  Shot through the eye of a camcorder, clover’s movie captures the journey of an 18-year-old wanna-be filmmaker in search of the father he never really knew.  His search leads him to a beautiful girl in the southern Nevada desert, a night in Las Vegas, his father, and sides of life neither he nor the authorities bargained for – an upstart militia group, a government conspiracy, and the actual murderer.

Produced and directed by Marko Sakren, the movie is clearly an example of what can be created with local resources, a camcorder and a home computer.  Although shot on a shoestring budget (under $2,000), the movie succeeds in engaging the audience in the slices of life that it depicts and grips the audience by its sheer unpredictability. Mr. Sakren is an accomplished and award-winning producer/director who has lived in Las Vegas since 1993.  Shot on Hi8mm and BetaSP video formats, clover’s movie is his very first motion picture and officially launches his career as a filmmaker.

A work-in-progress of the movie will be screened on Saturday, December 2, 2000 at 10:30 AM (doors open at 10:00 AM) at the United Artists Showcase Theaters, 3769 Las Vegas Boulevard South right next to the MGM Grand at the intersection of Rue de Monte Carlo. Admission is FREE.

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