Bingo! You've found a lost clover.

Your Quest, however, is not over.

You must  climb to each level

And avoid the red devil

Or be sent back to start the game over.

This site is a Limited Web Edition of the

Player's Cut on the clover's movie DVD.


There is no purchase necessary to play the Find Clover Game. To enter, all you have to do is find the State, City, Street, and House # of my last seen whereabouts.  You will find clues on this website.  Once you have found all four bits of information, follow the same exact instructions for DVD owners explained in the blue box to the right.

Good Luck!



ATTENTION: If you're a clover's movie DVD owner who's completed LEVEL 10 of the Player's Cut, then mail your four answers along with your full name,

telephone number, e-mail (if you have one),

and mailing address to:

Find Clover

P.O. Box 35291

Las Vegas, NV 89133-5291

Your personal information is secure with us.  We do not sell or give out any personal information that you provide us.  If you want to authorize your name and address and e-mail for our mailing list, simply e-mail us HERE with that information so that we can stay in touch with you in the future.


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