a scene from clover's movie footage

In 1996, a young man named "Clover" 

hitchhiked across America in search of his 

long-lost father, Jonathan Day McGinnis, a 

domestic terrorist who was wanted by the FBI for murder (along with transporting explosives across state lines).

Capturing the cross-country journey with his

camcorder over a period of four weeks, 

Clover eventually made his way to

McGinnis's southern Nevada ranch 

where he managed to capture the

next murder on tape and kick-off a

chase that ended up foiling a

secret terrorist plot.

McGinnis was the suspected leader in 

the plot and a participant in the

Patriot Movement along with other 

anti-government organizations

including his own militia group.

Jonathan Day McGinnis







Jonathan "Jack" Day McGinnis

Calling themselves the Brothers of Jefferson,

this militia group was founded on McGinnis'

Red White & Blue Freedom Manifesto, a

document he wrote from his jail cell while

serving time for blowing up a neighbor's

dam in 1977 in upstate New York.

A few weeks after capturing this story on videotape, the filmmaker revisited the 

ranch at dusk to shoot additional footage. After shooting, and as he was returning to town, he was pulled over, handcuffed at gunpoint and investigated by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers and a representative from the department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

After three hours in custody, he was released 

on his own recognizance.

Clover eventually turned his footage into a 

movie and sent it to the authorities as well as

an investigative reporter in Las Vegas.

Clover's Movie premiered in December 2000 and last screened in Las Vegas in 

March 2002.

He has not been seen or heard of since.

His mother is conducting a search for him.  

If you discover and provide

the house number, street and city

of clover's last seen whereabouts,

she will be very grateful.

However, do not attempt to or 

succeed in harming anyone in the process. 

Clover's life was devoted to peace and his 

mother would consider it a disgrace

if any harm came to anyone in the

course of the search.

If you discover Clover's address,  

please send it in confidence

with your contact information

via e-mail to: